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About Us

Finding Inspiration in the Challenges and the Turns


Our Story

As we all know, no man is an island; we all have people that enter our lives to add perspective, provide direction, encouragement, or analytical insights at critical moments in our lives.  Someone who saw the type of human we are to my core, through different stages of my life from an adolescent to an adult. 


Someone shared information with us, giving us opportunities to have great experiences, and seeing great examples of leaders in the communities we lived and worked in, making a difference in our next choice to redirect our lives.

Image a world where no relatable messages could reach you, there were no voices that encouraged you that change was possible, and going down an unknown path was overwhelming.  Even with all our resources and all the information we have, we still haven't mastered the perfect formula to live in our purpose. Overtime we go through life learning and unlearning, reshaping our ideas and understandings with applied experiences. 

So with this in mind, we should share our experiences which does not cost a thing but has the potential to help someone and provide insight on a shared or similar life experience. This can be our way of paying it forward globally, and I hope one day our experiences can be looked at as a free resource to help each other thrive. 


We all shape the world; our actions and choices create our individual experiences, which impact not just ourselves, but also the world around us directly or indirectly.

We are all someone on a personal path.  Through ups and downs, we each can change our lives through living, learning, and growing; through decisions and experiences.

We grow together!


Image by CoWomen
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